Monterey Wedding | Barns Cooper Molera

June 21, 2023

Alexis + Matt at the Barns Cooper Molera

When I say 2020 what do you think of? Pandemic. Covid-19. Shutdown. So many things went wrong in 2020, and it’s a time a lot of us want to forget. Covid did a funny thing, and a lot of people don’t even really like to think about what happened when our world shut down. Literally.  We were ok with two weeks of shut down, but when two weeks turned into two months, turning into 6 months, things became hard.  Our desire for people interaction and connections became REAL! 

Covid brought couples together! Fast forward to 2023 and most of my couples met during the shut down of 2020! The times when we weren’t supposed to be together, these people were finding ways and getting creative to be together outside! One thing that this time did for all the couples getting married now was a lot of time (and I mean A LOT), to build stronger relationships, building foundations that are deeper.  When you had to pick and choose who you would spend time with for an extended period of time the connections had to be there faster, but giving the time to build on one another seems to be giving my couples a one up.

Alexis and Matt are no different!  This is what they experienced, this is what they built their relationship on. (and a 7 month deployment) Learning to be patient with one another while also the key factors of communication gave them this bond to be together through long distance and covid.  They balance each other out from music to movies, love hiking with the puppy, staying in for dinner and going to Disneyland!  Even their champagne glasses had etched hidden Mickey in them! 

Check out some of my favorites from this gorgeous wedding day at The Barns Cooper Molera in Monterey!

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