Romantic Engagement Shoot at Pulgas Water Temple

May 8, 2021

Jackie + Kris

Engagements are one of my favorite things to shoot! There’s no stress of the wedding, but all the fun of the couple and Jackie and Kris’s shoot didn’t disappoint! These two are as sweet as they look, and working with them couldn’t have been more exciting; except our departure out of the water temple! Keep reading for that one! But first these two met while taking a graduate college class together. Kris answered a particular question intellectually and Jackie had to find out who answered that question! I love that!!! Their first date was at Orchard City Kitchen. After grabbing that bite to eat they strolled around downtown San Jose stopping at a bar to grab a drink. Two and a half years later he popped the question to Jackie after hiking to the top of Vernal Falls in Yosemite. Jackie says, “When we got to the top, we were both winded, thirsty, and tired. Without even taking a breath/break, he got down on one knee.” Uh, you guys how freaking romantic is that?!!! Yosemite on one of those magical romantic places on Earth!

Kris and Jackie love adventuring together and took an epic trip touring all of Rome and the island of Elba. In Rome, they stayed in a local town called Trastevere and fell in love with the locals and restaurants. While in Elba, they drove around the entire island, toured the local markets, and ate the best food. While there, they also went to Napoleon’s castle where he was exiled. In fact one of her favorite memories of the two of them occurred during this trip. It was on their second or third night in Rome, being a warm summer night in August. They started the night by sipping cocktails in their favorite local bar they found, and local performers would come by playing music. After drinks, they headed around the corner to their favorite restaurant, Tonnarello. They sat outside with the cobble street underneath their feet, and a local Italian sent a limoncello shot to their table. Once these two are married and the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted they have dreams of traveling to Greece, Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, Japan, and so many more! 

One of the best stories I love that Jackie submitted to me was when she was talking about her golfing adventures with Kris! They hadn’t been dating very long when he took her out for some golf, Jackie sporting her new white Lululemon pants, hadn’t really played much golf before. As they were walking the course she decided she didn’t need to wear golf shoes and ended up slipping on a muddy hill ruining her new pants and Kris’s chances at taking her golfing again! This is a great story to tell their future kids!  

These two crazy kids are just so cute together and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding day On July, 10th of this year! They picked their venue so they could enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by all their family and friends celebrating all the love they have for each other now and in the future!

I hope you enjoy checking out some of my favorite pictures from their engagement shoot!

Location: Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City, California

Gear Used: 2 Canon 5D Mark III // Canon 85mm f/1.2 // Canon 50mm f/1.2 // Sigma 24mm f/1.4 // House of Flynn gear bag // Holdfast Money Maker camera strap



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