Carmel Mission Wedding | Carmel, Ca.

November 24, 2022

Lex + Eireen 

When I had my first call with Lex and Eireen I connected with them instantly! They’re super fun, compassionate, sweet, determined, and loving. Lex is in theater and it’s this personality that draws me in! I spent my freshman year of college living on the fine arts floor of the dorms; where there were people practicing their lines, dancing down the hall on point, instruments going at all hours, it was complete chaos and completely a community like no other! So, loving on these two felt natural and easy! 

It was supposed to rain on Lex and Eireen’s day, it was supposed to be extremely windy, like 60 mph wind gusts and 45 mph winds in general. Eireen planned this day perfectly and didn’t even know it when she planned it out! While we were getting ready in the hotel there was a slight drizzle, but by the time we got to the Mission in Carmel we had the sun peeking through the clouds and it only became more sunny allowing us to capture the most beautiful pictures of the two of them getting ready outside just like she wanted!!! Some of my favorite bridal pictures came from this day. I love weddings that have time for some creative bridal portraits. It’s truly one of my favorite things to capture when the bride is completely dressed, makeup untouched, and looking strikingly beautiful for her day! There’s not another day in your life where you will be so dressed up and there is just something so magical about it! 

Eireen changed her colors part way through the planning to more bright, and OMG I can’t even begin to say what an amazing idea she did by changing it! Her decision to do this allowed for so much fun and pop in the old world style she loves. While don’t get me wrong; there’s so much soft beauty in a soft colored floral, there’s just excitement to throw some bright color in on a wedding day! I think I took a million pictures of just her bouquet!

The laughs didn’t disappoint throughout the day of Lex and Eireen. A first look with dad where a special handshake between father and daughter went down, a first touch, which turned in to be me a little more fun when Lex didn’t even realize he was grabbing Eireen’s butt, and a little one who just bonked his head on a pew because grandma is his person and had to walk down with her, but the aisle not being wide enough for 3.5 people! Special poses came out during family portraits plus a little more crying from said little person, making for the day to be an overall really exciting day for this special family. 

Carrying on into the afternoon to the reception venue, the wind did pick up, but the momentum held steady with a fun dance, great conversation with close family and friends. A cute cake cutting and amazing food! Picking out the images to blog was so incredibly hard for this day. I Just wanted to include so so much! I hope you enjoy these favorites of mine and get to see how much love and joy these two have for each other! 

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This wedding was done with the following vendors:

Venue: Carmel Mission Basilica

Photography: Tiffany Michele Photography

Florals: Willow and Plum 

Makeup: Yulissa with Moderne Beauty

Dessert:  Sweet Reba’s   

Reception: Grasing, Carmel by the Sea

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A big thanks to Eireen’s Family for letting me serve you with the highest quality!



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