Pulgas Water Temple Engagement Session || Carley + Kevin

September 14, 2023

My number 1 favorite in the Bay Area

As a Bay Area wedding and engagement photographer, I have my top favorite places to shoot engagement sessions and Pulgas Water Temple is one of them!  Like the number 1 spot for me is this location. Not only is it absolutely drop dead stunning it’s also…

  • Quiet. There’s not a lot of people, and the people that do visit are usually in and out as it’s not a huge place!
  • It’s FREE! More locations that have this higher end look and feel charge not only an admission fee, but a reservation fee to shoot on the grounds.  This is a big factor for a lot of my clients!
  • I only shoot here during the weekdays! While the grounds are open during the weekends, the parking lot is NOT, and you will have to walk along the main road for 1/2 mile while carrying all your stuff (outfit changes, water bottle, shoes, etc), and myself has to lug all the gear! So, if this location is something you’d like to have your engagement shoot at please take note!

Carley + Kevin:

Carley and Kevin met during the heart of the Covid pandemic shut down, leading these two to get really creative on how they had to date in the beginning of their relationship and ultimately “staying in” together.  Kevin being from the Bay Area and Carley from NJ; their paths crossed while in New York during the early months of the pandemic. After spending immense amounts of quality time early on, they now spend lots of time planning scuba diving trips! Carley and Kevin’s ideal date night out is simply a dinner (probably Italian for her) with wine and espresso martinis to end the evening.

When planning your engagement session at the Pulgas Water Temple, make sure to have at least one romantic outfit for the two of you! Due to the gorgeous pillars and huge reflecting pool, you’ll leave feeling like you just visited a Roman or Italian destination. After being a Bay Area engagement photographer for so many years I now offer many luxury gowns in my client closet for my couples to use. Carley is wearing one of them, which is so helpful since they traveled in from NY.

For all engagement shoots I always suggest two outfits, and this is where we bring your romantic look into play! Now we get to have that beautiful over-the-top outfit paired with golden hour! And at the Pulgas Water Temple you just can’t ever go wrong with that on your engagement shoot!

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